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Introducing a tool to help you navigate life’s journey.

For Members of IvyLocker®:
The Ivylocker® solution protects the legacy of its members by:
Executing your wishes after death by electronically notifying those you elect and identify within your Ivylocker® account. This exclusive service is brought to you by the Integrated Vital Information Exchange Hub, (I.V.I.E.Hub).
What is it?
Ivylocker® is a digital suite of Lockers; each Locker covers an area of your life, such as Insurance, Legal and even a Final Funeral Planner. IvyLocker® provides one location for all of your information that you may need to access in case of property damage or when death occurs.  IvyLocker’s exclusive service when death occurs will contact and notify your Insurance Company and others based on your desires when you set up your account.  There is no other service that can provide this unique to help your family in this way.
Ivylocker® is powered by I.V.I.E.Hub™ (Integrated Vital Information Exchange Hub), patented and innovative technology which provides custom and specific information at the passing of a member; including proof of death to: Insurance, Pension and Financial Institutions to ensure benefits are paid, to protect assets for the entire family.
Because having an IvyLocker® will relieve some of the stress felt by families.  We know that when we lose someone close to us, we may not remember things as we would like.  Imagine no more digging through stuff to find important information, or dealing with missing documents. Now, we can protect those that matter most with IvyLocker® so that after we are gone by protecting them from fraud, identity theft, and the legacy intended for them.
Watch for other tools powered by I.V.I.E.Hub™ soon to come to help you! Protect your legacy!

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Ivylocker® offers solutions to organize life.

With Ivylocker® you get the security and assurance of protecting your most valuable documents, media and other important information.  In addition, you  can assign your next of kin to the account to get instant notification upon passing.


With a simple intuitive interface,

Ivylocker® is the best choice for organizing your affairs into digital lockers, including documents from any location, device or browser where internet access is available. 

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Protecting your legacy is our number one concern.

Ivylocker® can ensure that the Insurance company doesn’t forget the policy holder or forget to pay death benefits

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When death occurs, our unique proprietary approach provides you with an exclusive service in notifying Insurance, financial providers, next of kin, and more.

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Who you are really matters 

IvyLocker® helps address the challenges that many families experience when a loved one has passed.  Every journey has it’s ups and downs, rest assured that there is a use for IvyLocker® for all walks of life.


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Our members and partners benefit from our patented I.V.I.E.Hub™ (Integrated Vital Information Exchange) Hub.  I.V.I.E.Hub™ facilitates digital transmission of voice, data, and images and powers the engine of Ivylocker® and provides a host of options for connecting to us if you are a company we classify as a partner; please check out the Ivy Partner Network to find out more.  With IvyLocker®, you have the ability to share those things that matter most.
IvyLocker document open on a laptop

Upload and review documents.

In your  IvyLocker® account, you will have the ability to upload documents like Living Wills, Insurance Policies, Healthcare Directives and more in each specific Locker.  You can also retrieve your documents in the event of an emergency.

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Leave video messages for your loved ones.

With IvyLocker®, you can leave a custom video on file to share memories, instructions, and more.  Your family will have peace knowing that you gave them closure.  Try it now!

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Learn from others who have gone through the journey of life without the benefits of IvyLocker®

My mother always told my brother and I that she was going to tell us stuff about her accounts, and how she wanted things to go, but she developed Alzheimer’s, almost overnight. At lease that’s how it felt. She was not able to tell us anything about what she had planned to share with us and we were left holding trying to figure everything out.
Gill S. - Bolingbrook, IL
“I lost my son in 2009, to a senseless loss.  He was 30 years old.  I had no idea where he banked or what his social security number was. His father is deceased and I had to prove to authorities that he was my son. Having Ivylocker would have helped.”
Laura K. - Las Vegas, NV
“I recently purchased a vehicle at a vehicle auction.  Attached to the title was a death certificate and other papers which also included the Social Security info.  I’m an honest guy, but definitely an opportunity to abuse others for profit.”  
Rick M. - Jacksonville, FL

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