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Note: Due to the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic. We wanted to show our support to help more families by offering reduced prices with a one time set up price and no payments for 90 days. 


Select The Right Plan For You


Ivylocker®   contains a suite of Lockers, so you can organize your affairs.  Each locker holds specific information that you may want your family to know about later.  Your dashboard will contain a list of documents we recommend for your consideration to add to your Locker System. Additionally, in the legal locker you have options to create your own ‘Last Will and Testament’,  ‘Medical Power of Attorney’ or a normal ‘Power of Attorney’ for a special discounted price.    Have Peace of Mind!

Remember you’ll be charged either a $5 or $10 setup fee when you enroll and no additional payments for 90 days!

Single Locker for Covid Legacy Protection

Per Month

Family Locker For Covid Legacy Protection

Per Month

All Locker plans contains the following:

Digital Encrypted designed lockers
Fully Secure online backup
Access from any location with Internet

Ability to create a Do It Yourself Will, Health Directives and more legal documents inside
of the members locker’s account for a 10% discount with our partner, Law Depot

Account Notification Service – 2 options:

Do It Yourself Checklist – We provide you time saving details of:

Who to submit information to

OR – We do it for you: Mail Service


Guidance for how use your Locker Suite or

“Just simply access each as you’re comfortable with from the easy to use point
and click navigation”

Personal Data Locker contains the following:


Next of Kin Locker (Tell us who will handle your affairs and how to reach them)

Account Control:

Tell us who can update your information

Block changes or Allow changes

Document Storage Backup
Everything in one location
Fire or Flood Protection
Natural Catastrophes Preparedness
Email Support
Chat Support


Insurance Locker:                           

Store Your Policy Information

Your choice – We notify your Insurance provider


Pension Locker:                                               

Store Your Account Information

Your choice – We notify your Insurance provider

Document Locker:

Store copies of all other documents, marriage license

Contacts Locker:                                                                                              

List your family and friends contact Information

Asset Locker:                                                                                                    

Store and list your assets, home, boats, and land along with proof of ownership

Financial Locker:                                                                                                             

Add your banks, credit accounts by name, address, phone number, type of account.

Lock box number, location of lock box

Estate Plan Locker:

Complete your Estate plan

Final Funeral Plan Locker:  

Provide basic and key questions for any memorial service planning